Membership is available to persons who are serving, or who have served honorably in the United States Marine Corps in excess of ninety (90) days and persons who are serving or who have served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and have earned in excess of ninety (90) Reserve Retirement Credit Points. Navy Corpsmen that have served with the FMF are also eligible for membership. Associate membership is available to those individuals not qualified for regular membership in the Marine Corps League or the Marine Corps League Auxiliary and who espouse the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League as contained in its Congressional Charter.
                          A valid DD-214 is required.
                          First year membership is $0.
                          Current annual membership renewal for regular members is  $35.00                           and is due no  later than September 1.
Honorary, Corporate, and Life Memberships are also available. The Life Membership fee structure effective January 1st, 2009 is as follows for applicants:

                                Up to age35 –> $500.00
                                From 36 to 50 –> $400.00
                                From 51 to 64 –> $300.00
                                65 +    –> $200.00

Please note that to be eligible for a Life Membership, a member must be a member “in good standing”. This means that the member must have already paid the current year membership.